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Oakland Is Moving Fast

When I started my first novel, Lake Miskatonic, I knew I wanted to write a story that takes place in Oakland, and I wanted to keep things simple and write it in a current-day setting, even though I also wanted to explore Oakland's complex past.  But of course Oakland also has a complex present . In just the past fifteen years that I've been here, the changes are striking. Not all of them are bad, but the bad changes are pretty damn bad. We have a gentrification problem that can't be overemphasized. We have policies in place that help make houselessness a growing problem. We have horrible, horrible roads (this isn't a small thing--it affects all of us in more ways than I think we pay attention to).  And the changes are going to keep coming quick-and-dirty for the foreseeable future.  One of the plot threads in my new novel, Miskatonic Bay, involves tabletop gamers, people who play a Dungeons and Dragons type of game. (I mean, they say write what you know , man, so

Miskatonic Bay Is Out Now!

Buy it now! Will Oakland's past doom it, or save it? Walt and Darya have barely recovered from fighting cultists trying to bring an ancient evil to Oakland when a new threat strikes. Strange stones with mystic runes begin showing up in Oakland, thrown through windows and delivered on doorsteps, showing that someone is intent on dividing and conquering Oakland communities. Are the stones tied to the fires being set in construction sites around The Town? Walt and Darya are following the trails of blood from these stones, but can these two private detectives find a way to save the city they love from a billionaire who is playing a deadly game with eldritch powers? Will they even be able to save themselves?